Louisiana Foster Parent Bill of Rights

Foster parents are recognized as primary caregivers to abused and neglected children who have been removed from their homes of origin. The State of Louisiana and the Department of Social Services shall implement and promote the support of these rights through the policy and practice of the Department.

Foster Parents are entitled to the following rights:

  1. The right to be treated with dignity, respect, trust, and consideration as a primary provider of foster care and a member of the professional team caring for foster children.
  2. The right to receive explanation and clarification as to the expectations and roles of all team members; and to receive evaluation and feedback on their role of foster care giver.
  3. The right to receive all information on a child, at placement, and on an ongoing basis, that could impact the care provided the child and/or the health and safety of the child and/or foster family members. Information shall include case plan, health/medical, educational, court/legal decisions, and social history as known to the Department, to better meet the needs of children in their care.
  4. The right to receive the necessary training and support to enable them to provide quality services in meeting the needs of the children in their care, including reasonable relief and respite, as allowed by agency resources.
  5. The right to be informed of available support services, case planning meetings, court hearings and other decision-making meeting in a timely manner in recognition of the importance of their role as foster care givers.
  6. The right to actively participate in the development of the child’s case plan, educational plan, and in other service planning decision-making processes.
  7. The right to access agency staff for assistance in dealing with emergencies on a 24 hour basis; to assistance in dealing with family loss and separation when a child leaves their home; and access to available advocacy services to help support the foster parent in their role as care giver.
  8. The right to receive information concerning agency policies and procedures related to their role as a foster parent or to the child in their care, and/or information contained in the foster parents’ record, as allowed by law.
  9. The right for first consideration as a placement for a child previously placed in their home and/or for a child placed in their home who becomes available for adoption, if relative placement is not available.
  10. The right to permit a member of the Louisiana Advocacy Support Team to accompany a foster parent into meetings with departmental staff during investigations or grievance procedures.

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