LFAPA Membership

Are you concerned with the welfare of children? Do you believe that all children need a loving home? Do you have the desire to help make the future of adoptive and foster children and parents better? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider becoming a member of Louisiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Association. You can be an asset to LFAPA and many children who are in foster care or adopted from foster care.

Anyone concerned with the welfare of children can become a member of LFAPA. We are looking for people who have the strength and determination to help meet our ultimate goal and carry out our mission.

Regular Membership – $15.00 per year - Regular membership is available to all foster and adoptive parents, child welfare personnel and other individuals concerned with the welfare of children. (With voting rights at annual meeting)

Affiliate Membership - $50.00 per year – Affiliate membership is available to all local, parish, regional, or other types of foster/adoptive parent associations. Each association will select one representative to serve on the Board of Directors and have one vote.

Supporting Membership - $50.00 per year – Supporting membership is available to organizations or agencies wishing to support the purposes and efforts of the Association.

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Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a part of an organization that is dedicated to empowering families and works to develop a partnership with the Department of Children & Family Services and other agencies interested in safety, permanency and the well being of our children.

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